Cougar Dating is on the Rise

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Gilfs Dating UK

Not too long ago, the word ‘cougar’ was a word that was whispered between people in society with a disapproving tone. The reason for this disapproval is because the general public thought that cougars referred solely to women who aggressively went after younger men in the dating scene – definitely not a respectable thing for ladies to do.

In today’s day and age, however, society is much more accepting and open-minded about people dating anybody that they want. You might be surprised to learn that cougar dating actually isn’t a new thing in the dating world, though. In fact, it has been around since the 1500s where Queen Elizabeth was whispered about for having young cub courtiers. The good news is that it is simply more acceptable in society today.

Naturally, media plays a big part in why it is so socially acceptable now. TV shows, like ‘Sex and the City’ and ‘Cougar Town’, for one, have made cougar dating a trendy thing. Celebrities, like Demi Moore and Madonna, on the other hand, are known to wallow in long-term relationships and flings involving younger men, as well. Since these women easily influence how women style their hair and clothes nowadays, it really isn’t surprising that they have influenced their dating behavior, too, making it very empowering to become a cougar dating a cub!

Another reason behind the popularity of cougar dating is the realization that it can result in a happier, genuine and more fulfilling long-term relationship in the end. A lot of people seem to think that ‘cougars’ merely refer to women who are looking for hook-ups and flings with younger men based on nothing but sex. However, the truth is that a lot of cougar relationships go beyond that and even end up in successful long-term relationships. Think about the celebrity scene again, for example. The most famous long-term cougar relationship in Hollywood to date would definitely be the one that Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher had, which proved that cougar relationships are capable of having real substance aside from mere physical infatuation.

One thing that is strange is that cougar dating has always been considered as a taboo subject, but why have men always been allowed to date women who are much younger than them without any looks of disapproval being sent their way? There was never a problem for older men to date women decades younger than them, but women weren’t allowed to do the same. Now that women are finally seen as strong social figures, society’s attitude towards this type of dating isn’t as secretive anymore. Finally, a balance exists and both genders are now able to feel more liberated and achieved in the world of dating.

Without a doubt, cougar dating is considered to be a social trend, which is changing people’s attitudes and way of thinking in terms of the interactions between men and women. It also seems that more women are looking into cougar dating, while more younger men are getting more attracted and more intrigued by what older women have to offer them, in general.

Is cougar dating the ideal recipe to a happy, fulfilled and perfect relationship? It could be, but this really just depends on the people involved in it. Either way, though, cougar dating is definitely a movement full of possibilities and it definitely looks like it isn’t going anywhere anytime soon!